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Welcome to GPU Cloud Search, your efficient solution for solving the Bitcoin Puzzle.
Our advanced platform uses the power of cloud-based GPUs to accelerate and simplify the search for private keys.

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Puzzle 40 Demo

  • GPU: 1x RTX 3090
  • Speed: up to 2,200 MKey/s



Puzzle 66 XS

  • GPU: 1x RTX 3090
  • Speed: up to 2,200 MKey/s



Puzzle 66 S

  • GPU: 1x RTX 4090
  • Speed: up to 4,600 MKey/s



Puzzle 66 M

  • GPU: 4x RTX 4090
  • Speed: up to 18,800 MKey/s



Puzzle 66 L

  • GPU: 8x RTX 4090
  • Speed: up to 36,000 MKey/s


The search speed depends on the specific server configuration and GPU model. The search speed specified in a plan serves as a reference.
Premium Membership holders receive a 20% discount on all GPU Cloud Search plans.
Price depends on the current GPU market price and may change up or down over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

GPU private key search involves utilizing a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to perform parallel processing and accelerate private key computations beyond the capabilities of a traditional Central Processing Unit (CPU). Originally designed for rendering graphics in video games and visual applications, GPUs have proven highly effective in parallel calculations for cryptocurrency mining and private key search tasks.

Cloud GPU Private Key Search refers to the use of GPU resources hosted in the cloud, providing users with on-demand access to powerful graphics processing capabilities without the need to own and maintain physical GPU hardware or possess Linux knowledge to compile and run private key-searching software.

Our GPU cloud search instances run custom VanitySearch software which uses GPU to accelerate hashing functions and private key computations.

We set the Bitcoin Puzzle #66 as the private key search target because the keyspace range is only 66 bits, requiring the scanning of 36,893,488,147,419,103,231 keys (265-1). This is significantly less than the full Bitcoin private key range — 256 bits.

The Bitcoin Puzzle (also known as the Bitcoin Transaction Challenge) is a special challenge created in 2015 to test the strength of Bitcoin cryptography against brute force attacks. It consist of 160 Bitcoin addresses generated with weak private keys, each of which has increasing resistance to brute force attacks. So far, the first 65 private keys have been successfully recovered. The current unsolved challenge lies with address #66, containing 6.6 BTC. The original private key has an entropy of 66 bits and is located within the range of 20000000000000000:3ffffffffffffffff. Recovering the private key requires scanning through 265-1 private keys, which is time-consuming process. Anyone who can recover the private key is free to take coins that belong to it.

We utilize the combined search method, which combines the advantages of both general search methods: sequential and random. In the combined method, a base private key is randomly selected, and then 100,000,000,000 iterations are performed iteratively to check private keys. Then the process is repeated. This significantly boosts the search speed, as expensive private key computations are not required for each iteration like in the full random method.

As mentioned, the 66-bit private key range consists of 36,893,488,147,419,103,231 keys. The probability of finding the solution is approximately equivalent to the odds of winning Powerball (1 in 292,201,338) 2.31 times in a row.

The odds of finding a solution at a speed of 100 GKey/s within a day: 1 in 4270, within a week: 1 in 610, within a month: 1 in 140, and within a year: 1 in 12.

You select a plan based on your needs, and then we rent a cloud GPU instance for you and launch key-searching software. In the Cloud Search Console, you can monitor running instances and view statistics. If the private key is found, it will be promptly added to your Cloud Search Console and you will get an email notification. The process is fully automatized.

The current reward for solving Bitcoin Puzzle #66 is 6.6 BTC, approximately $300,000 at the current Bitcoin price ($45,400). When the private key is recovered, Cloud Search users receives the reward depending on the search mode setting for each GPU instance.

Search mode setting control how the reward will be distributed among users if or when the private key is found.

In single search mode (default), the solver of the puzzle receives the private key which controls 100% of the amount (6.6 BTC). Other users receive no reward and no private key regardless of their search mode setting.

In pool search mode, the reward will be distributed among contributing users based on the total number of keys scanned, similar to how a Bitcoin mining pool distributes rewards for a mined block. The solver's search mode setting must also be set to pool to fulfill this condition. In this case, the private key will not be shared to any of the users, and the payout will be made by the service.

To verify it actually works, You can purchase the "Puzzle 40 Demo" plan, which uses the Bitcoin Puzzle #40 as the search target. The solution will be found in approximately 10 minutes, and the correct private key can be accessed through your Cloud Search Console.

You can search for the solution to the Bitcoin Puzzle #66 for free using our in-browser Key Finder tool, which utilizes CPU power to calculate private keys.

Pool Statistics (Top 10)

Rank User Total Keys Scanned Share Stake If Found
#1 cayow81 12,438,541,990,479,634 18.37% 1.21217751
#2 John 11,526,753,121,992,704 17.02% 1.12332059
#3 Martin Alejandro Gomez Oropeza 6,993,846,948,855,808 10.33% 0.68157375
#4 empty 3,023,785,288,531,968 4.46% 0.29467798
#5 Articlezou 2,922,435,066,200,064 4.32% 0.28480102
#6 Nicholas Robben 2,674,223,373,877,248 3.95% 0.26061195
#7 Hoang 2,410,444,992,020,480 3.56% 0.23490588
#8 oblivion9 2,049,819,312,914,432 3.03% 0.19976173
#9 VIP 2,007,601,709,580,288 2.96% 0.19564749
#10 Gabriel Couto Dos Santos 1,837,470,593,318,912 2.71% 0.17906763

Warning & Disclaimer

Finding the private key is a fairly time-consuming process, and there is no assurance of successfully finding the private key. Engaging in a GPU Cloud Search is akin to purchasing a lottery ticket with no guarantee of winning the prize. PrivateKeys does not offer any assurance regarding the likelihood of finding the private key.